How it works

We have developed a solution for placing real world assets permanently on public blockchains. These assets can be transferred indefinitely on-chain. We currently focus on placing and transferring ownership of real property on blockchains.

Our clients receive a non-fungible token (“NFT”) that gives them legally enforceable ownership of their real property. These NFTs can be used to transfer ownership of the underlying real estate indefinitely on-chain.

Benefits of Our Model

Transfers of real estate require escrow services, title searches and title insurance. We reduce or eliminate these costs by allowing real estate to be transferred on blockchains.

We ensure that every NFT we mint represents legal ownership of the real estate described in the NFT. The holder of the NFT can retrieve title to the underlying real estate at any time by returning the NFT.

Why TruMint?

Placing and transferring real property on blockchain is fundamentally a legal process. The majority of our founding team consists of attorneys well-versed in blockchain technology.

We have thought through the extensive legal, real-estate, tax, and estate-planning issues that arise when holding and transferring real property on blockchains.


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